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Assured very high quality of work at an affordable price

We work closely with numerous high caliber subcontractors, that we have personally screened and used in other businesses. We can assure a very high quality of work at an affordable price. All assignments are customized to the needs of you, the client. We tend to work best with founders, owners and senior management to set corporate goals and deliver solutions that meet and exceed your needs and expectations. Some of the types of project that we work on include the following:


Management Consulting

We can work with you on a variety of projects from large to small, and have an established team of experienced professionals to handle any business challenge. We will work closely with your team to:


  • Identify and focus on the desired long term outcomes for your organization
  • Identify human, technological, business and other resources needed to accomplish outcomes and perform a gap analysis
  • Create a customized revenue and business strategy and plan to achieve the outcomes


  • Assign roles and responsibilities with accountability
  • Facilitate implementation of the business strategy
  • Create and develop branding through social media, internet marketing, mobile strategy, e-mail, and other online and traditional marketing strategies
  • Design performance incentives to ensure the targets are achieve


  • Facilitate cross functional communication to prevent problems and accelerate results
  • Celebrate small and large accomplishments along the way with team building events
  • Train your sales force in effective sales and marketing strategies
  • Create a world class advisory board and board of directors


  • Design and explore options for exit strategy
  • Facilitate wealth management, estate planning and philanthropic pursuits following successful exit
  • Identify goals for what’s next


Executive Coaching / Career Coaching

We work with you and your executive team to reinforce successful leaders’ strengths, improve communication skills, and achieve better results. Examples include:

Career Goals

  • Career Coaching / Career Development
  • Career Transitions
  • Entrepreneurship and Start Ups
  • Salary / Employment Agreement Negotiations
  • Executive Image
  • Increasing Self Confidence

Management Skills / Improving Productivity

  • Improving Focus / Eliminating Distractions
  • Delegating Authority
  • Project Management
  • Efficient Meetings
  • Team Building
  • Driving Productivity
  • Accountability

Communications Skills

  • Enhancing Interpersonal Communications
  • Building Relationships with Employees, Consultant and Vendors
  • Developing and Improving Leadership Skills
  • Building on Business Networking Skills
  • Negotiating Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Collections

Marketing Skills

  • Improving or Developing Sales / Persuasion / Marketing Skills
  • Sales Training for your Sales Force
  • Persuasive Communication Training
  • Enhancing Public Speaking / Media Training
  • Cultivating and Leveraging Relationships

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Startup Finance

We can assist companies in the process of preparing their company to raise capital or structure mergers or acquisitions. This may include:

  • Creating Business Plans
  • Developing Financial Models and Forecasts in conjunction with Management
  • Preparing Due Diligence Kits
  • Intellectual Property Portfolio Review
  • Strategic Acquisitions Planning
  • Brainstorming Ideas
  • Crafting a Negotiation Strategy
  • Negotiating Term Sheets and Company Valuation

In some cases, we can make introductions to potential capital sources for business expansion. We have developed contacts with investment bankers, commercial bankers, and both equity and debt investors and can sometimes facilitate introductions to our clients. In certain cases, we can make introductions to sources of film financing and real estate. Projects that are of particular interest to our contacts are income producing real estate, profitable technology companies, and profitable life science companies.

NOTE: We cannot and will not raise capital for startup companies. We will consult for them and help them get ready to raise capital. We are not a licensed broker/dealer, and make no representations that we can or will raise capital for any project for any compensation. Legally, this can only be accomplished by a licensed broker / dealer. For more information about these rules, please refer to FINRA and the SEC.

Frank’s excellent work ethics combined with his diligence and ability to meet objectives is unmatched. It was great working with him and would welcome a future opportunity to collaborate with him again.

~ Jean W Thomas, Founder, President & CEO at Quantitative Research Group

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