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Raving fans!

I highly recommend Frank Clark as a business consultant and life coach. I had the pleasure of working directly with Frank on several successful projects over the past 20 years, his tremendous abilities never ceased to amaze me. Having worked so closely with Frank I fully understand his capabilities. He helped coach me to secure my current position as a senior executive and negotiate a salary.

Once I got the job, I immediately hired Frank to help me prepare business plan, a power point presentation, and financial projections that helped us secure $9 million in financing to complete a major acquisition and expand our business substantially. Frank’s incredible knowledge of business and human behavior shines through in every situation. His uncanny ability to know what the client wants and needs before they tell him allows people to feel comfortable with him. His flexibility also allows him to quickly switch tactics as necessary in many business situations. While working with Frank you will find excellence, compassion and a seemingly endless resource of top quality information.

Franks great connection with people coupled with his relentless perseverance and expertise leaves you feeling like you made the right decision to work with him. He is worth his weight in gold. Frank is effective at communicating, leading and teaching. He is an eloquent speaker with priceless business acumen. When I begin to picture what he brings to the table, I feel certain he is a rare asset. With his abilities, adaptability, and dedication, Frank will lead you to your outcome no matter what it takes. Again, I highly recommend working with Frank Clark.

~ MB, COO,CIO of a multi million dollar medical practice in NY Tri-state area


It is my pleasure to recommend Frank Clark as a very effective manager at CytoSorbents in its formative period. As a consultant and Executive Committee member of this corporation in its start-up period I was intimately familiar with Frank’s role in husbanding resources, fund-raising, and keeping us informed of issues before they became critical.

~ Dr. Jean Futrell – Battelle Fellow Emeritus
Former Director of the William R. Wiley Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory, (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory); a Department of Energy National User Facility focused on the molecular sciences.


I worked with Frank while I was COO/CFO at the DAIS Group. This began in June 1990 and we remain friends to this day. That sums up my experience with Frank. He is intelligent, hardworking and I enjoy Frank’s intellectual curiosity and the way he attacks business problems from a different angle than I do. In addition, we have a similar sense of humor and he works well in any team environment. Conclusion: It would be my pleasure to work with Frank again if the opportunity arises.

~ P. James Hirchak, Jr., CPA, MBA – COO / CFO Outsourced Consulting Services for Hedge Funds


What impresses me most about my friend Frank Clark is not his impressive track record as a leader or his impressive business knowledge, but his dedication to serving others and to his community. Combined, these qualities make Frank a business leader who I’m proud to introduce to my friends and colleagues, knowing they will be equally impressed.

~ Tom Martin – President, Tom Martin Media, LLC – Public Relations

Former Field Producer – Good Morning America(ABC News); Former Senior Producer-CNN


I have coached at the highest level in sports and business including Super Bowl Champion Pete Carroll, the New York Yankees, and senior leaders of GE and ITT.

Frank Clark is who I turned to when I needed coaching. He helped me understand how I was getting in my own way and develop simple, yet powerful, strategies for achieving my goals. I highly recommend him.

~ Sean Brawley, Master Coach; President – The Brawley Institute

I have known Frank Clark since 1994 and have worked with him now through four different companies and projects. Most recently, in the Spring of 2015 I hired Frank to help complete a board presentation for a not for profit foundation created to teach alternative healing strategies to health care professionals. Frank not only worked on the presentation, he got actively involved at my request in speaking directly with board members, executive management and vendors on our behalf. In doing so, he came up with a brilliant financial strategy using resources that we already had internally, combined with new resources that Frank brought to the table. This will enable us to raise $1 million or more to achieve our outcomes and allow the not for profit to continue its mission in a financially sustainable way. I will definitely be working with Frank again in the near future and highly recommend him for his business, finance and entrepreneurial expertise.

~ GC – Program Director of an International Foundation

Frank’s excellent work ethics combined with his diligence and ability to meet objectives is unmatched. It was great working with him and would welcome a future opportunity to collaborate with him again.

~ Jean W. Thomas, Founder, President & CEO at Quantitative Research Group

As a successful business person, I am active in charitable efforts. Because of my leadership work in philanthropy for a not for profit organization, I was being honored at a very important dinner at which I received a Leadership Award, and was asked to deliver a speech. I was terrified and felt very uncomfortable speaking in front of such a large audience (more than 150 people), which included politicians and ambassadors. I had a very strong fear of speaking in front of large crowds. Previously, I had avoided speaking opportunities in my business and charitable work.

Frank Clark worked with me for just one session of less than an hour. In that time, not only did I completely get rid of the fear, I had a new confidence in how my presentation would go. Frank even taught me some very useful strategies for writing my speech and delivering it to maximize the positive impact of my speech for this audience in this crucially important situation. My speech went extremely well, and I even had a very nice ovation after my speech! I highly recommend working with Frank for any business executive. Thank you Frank!

~ R.P. – Successful Wholesale Jewelry Business Owner


Frank’s management knowledge traverses the business landscape. I have worked with him on multiple projects for different companies. The projects he develops are financially rewarding and socially stimulating. It is always a pleasure working with him and the teams he creates. I look forward to working with him again in the near future. Frank has also coached me through a recent career transition, that helped me secure a full time position. In addition, when I founded a new company, I worked closely with Frank on developing business development and sales strategies to grow the business. I always enjoy working with Frank, and highly recommend him as either an executive coach or business consultant.

~ KR – President – Energy Conservation company


Frank is a tireless advocate for his work, committing 110 percent where it counts. He leads by doing and is not afraid to roll up his sleeves to get the job done making him an asset to any team. I enjoyed working closely with Frank on a project that required all hands on deck and he was the first person to volunteer regardless of the challenge. You can count on his perseverance and positive attitude through it all.

~ James Melnichok – Managing Director, Client Services at TitleVest; Former PR Professional


Frank is an honorable and knowledgeable Business Advisor with many talents in the art of Communications and Strategic Alliances.

~ Dan Shannon, Co-Founder and VP, AVIWear


Frank is enthusiastic and has a wealth of experience to share with a solid coaching background.

~ Karl Pearsall, Yes Group worldwide leader, guardian, founder. Brander and tribe builder through OriginalThing


Frank is one of the most driven and inspiring entrepreneurs I know, always committed to excellence and keeping an eye on the bigger picture.

~ Joseph Varghese, President & Founder, Peer Success Circles

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